What is an oilless air fryer

What Is An Oilless Fryer?

Just like the name goes, oilless fryer is a kitchen device used for frying various types of foods without oil; period. This appliance is referred to as air fryer, healthy fryer, or low fat fryer, where only little amounts of healthy oils are used, for instance, a single tablespoon of oil to cook an entire bowl of chips or French fries. Essentially, this appliance lets you deep fry your food without necessarily having to dip it in boiling oil. It instead utilizes rapid hot air technology. Below, you will find details on how exactly the appliance gets you food cooked without oil. Most oil-less fryers have a design that resembles that of a rice cooker, with a tray or cooking basket that is retractable, and is where you place the food you want to cook.

How an Oil-less Fryer Works – Rapid Air Technology

Taking chips or French fries as an example, there is that appealing look of browning surface on the resulting meal when deep fried. The taste is fatty, sometimes crispy and crunchy if done in a specific way using recent types of deep frying machines. These exact or even better results can be obtained by using an oilless fryer, which uses rapid or hot air technology to fry your chips.

Hot Air Technology

Instead of heated oil like is the case in deep frying, superheated air originating from a heating element within the appliance is circulated on your food at massive speeds, fast enough to get it ready within minutes. Not only does it do this without oil or with just a little, the appliance can also extract and eliminate any excess oil from your food if set at certain temperature, resulting into a meal that is healthier, tastier, and more appealing to the eye. The, most robust oilless fryers are said to lead to an 80% reduction of fat in meals. The reason as o why this technology is referred to as rapid air technology is the speed at which air is circulated through your food in the cooking chamber, which can be as high as 200C. Within just a small period of time, your food is ready for serving.

The Heating Element

Depending on the brand and model of the oilless fryer, the heating element can be variously positioned. In the Big Boss oilless fryer for instance, the heating unit is located at the top of the appliance as an attachment to the glass bowl. This heating element converts electric energy into heat, which is then used to heat up the air in the chamber into really hot temperatures that cook your food. This hot air is then rapidly distributed by the fan to reach each and every surface of your food for cooking evenly. Some models also have additional features for heating up the food, including halogen light infrared and convection forces.

Foods You Can Cook Oil free

Depending on the type of appliances, most oilless fryers will cook just about any type of food as long s it can be grilled, fried, roasted or fried. Some models such as Philips have baskets or pots with various compartments to allow cooking of different types of foods at a go.

To cook using the oilless fryer, you have to know the ideal temperatures for the food you’re cooking and the time required for it to be cooked. In this case, details or content of on recipes to cook in an air fryer or oil free fryer can come in handy. Most have settings buttons where you input these specifications, along with an alert mechanism to notify you once your food is ready and an automatic shut feature to turn the appliance off when all is done.
Phillips Oil Less Deep Fryer

Fried foods are adored by many, but also avoided by a handful of those watchful about their health status. This is because they understand the effects of unhealthy fats and are keen on reducing intake of deep fried foods. However, you don’t get to worry anymore if you possess the Phillips Oil less Deep Fryer which is among the best kitchen countertop appliances there are today. This machine is designed to allow you deep fry your chips, French fries, chicken or other delicacies with minimal or no oil at all.

Not only that, there is a lot more you can do with the modern deep fryer from Phillips, including baking, grilling , and roasting. This is the kind of versatility needed in the modern homeowner’s kitchen. The speed of cooking and the ease of use, as well as its appealing design are some of the reasons you might want to consider upgrading your kitchen appliances. Here are some benefit pointers to note about this Oil less Deep Fryer from Phillips.


There are two major variants of the oil less Phillips deep fryer. These are: the Phillips HD9220/26 Air Fryer, HD9230-26 Digital, and HD9240-26 deep fryer. Each one of these is capable of frying your meals without the use of oil but slight differences in terms of features may exist. The latest version (HD9240) is has all the other features of the rest, but is additionally larger and can cook faster. The HD9230 model is more advanced than its previous version by having a digital user interface and a double grill rack. The HD9220 has a 30 minutes time instead of 60 like is the case with the rest and lacks a grill rack. All of these versions use the rapid air technology to heat and deep fry your food without oil.

Easy To Use

Kitchen work, cooking precisely, may sometimes require great speed, precision and convenience. It might not be good idea to go for a device that you have to have the manual around in order to operate. With features such as the automatic shut, one does not have to sit there until your food is ready. Keying in the timer settings and adjusting temperatures appropriately might be one need to transform their dishes into appetizing meals. To prevent burning, overcooking and much more, it just goes off automatically upon reaching the set time and notifies you with a beep.

The Design

Any appliance you introduce to your home should complement the existing décor or aesthetics. The aspect of durability is also one of the most important considerations you can make when looking for value out of your investment in kitchen top appliance such s the Phillips Oil less deep fryer. This machine is designed to offer and easy experience to the owner when it comes to fitting in compact spaces, cleaning at ease, and the aesthetics. Being a product that has not been in the market for long, too much may be said about its durability. Especially the HD9240, the food basket is large enough to offer cooking convenience.

Convenient Settings

One thing about these deep fryers from Phillips is that they have a great deal of settings for the user. The temperature of 390 degrees centigrade is quite ideal for most foods while the timer scale is also quite handy. You can even save settings for your favorite dish, such that you don’t have to input manually the next time you fry, grill, roast, or bake.

The Double Layer Rack – This is an optional feature that one can purchase separately from the package. It is availed to allow for enhancement of the cooking chamber, where the user gets more space to do their grilling, baking, or frying, or even roasting. However, some versions of the Phillips oil less deep fryer may lack this feature as earlier depicted and it can thus be advisable to check out the product specifications well to ensure the item you go for will suit your needs.

Baking Pan – You can also choose to go for the baking pan accessory. You can enhance their baking experiences with the oil freed fryer. From doughnuts, cup cakes, muffins, and a lot more, the fryer is equipped to support this application.

Grill Pan – There is also a grill pan, which is made from non-stick material. It allows you to make their best grilled chicken, beef or fish.

These are one of the most important specifications about the Philips oil less deep fryer.

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