Can You Use Oil In Your Air Fryer?

Many people eat too much fried food. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you use too much oil to prepare quick meal when you don’t have enough time? Of course you did. However, most of these foods often require cooking in a huge amount of oil, a cooking method often referred to as deep frying. This cooking method brings out tasty and delicious foods with a crispy flavor if done well. Some of the foods that come out well with frying include chips, French fries, chicken, and many others. With lots of potential health hazards involved in the consumption of foods with high fat and oil content however, most people revert to avoiding fried food as much as they can. This is when air fryer steps into the scene.

Air Fryer And Oil Use

Air fryer technology has made the lives of people less difficult because they can now enjoy the same or better quality of fried foods without having to use much oil. In case you didn’t know, air fryer is an appliance with use of rapid air technology to heat foods and cook meals without the need for much oil. Apart from just frying, the air fryer can be used to grill chicken, toast beef, or bake cookies and can handle numerous kinds of foods. All in all, the main point is that most of these device models minimize the use of oil by about 70%.

One of the most important factors to look at if you need good quality, healthy, tasty, and delicious results in your air fryer recipes is the type and amount of oil you use. Knowing the best type of oil to cook in your air fryer helps you not only benefit from tasty meals, it also ensures that your device stays in top condition. Below are some pointers to help you choose the best oils to use with your air fryer for best results.

Consider the Oil You Use

Of course, you can add a bit oil in your air fryer, especially if you tried to prepare food and it was too dry. As earlier pointed out, air allows you to grill, bake, roast, and fry. Most people make the mistake of choosing the same kind of oil for each and every method. However, it has been shown from research that extra-virgin olive oil may be the best when it comes to marinating and grilling chicken, fish and other recipes for the air fryer. For sauteing, grape seed oil may be perfect while canola oil can give you the best results with cooking French fries, chips and potato crisps on the air fryer.

Some ghee and butter may be applicable when it comes to baking, but the bottom line is that for every recipe you think of, be sure to use the best oil for the job.

Less Oil – Tastier Food

The other thing about air fryer cooking is that the appliance preserves food quality, enhances flavor and gratifies it’s taste. However, the kind of oil you use will also probably affect your cooking depending on how long you do it and how much you put. Generally, neutral flavored oils that won’t interfere with taste and flavor can be preferable. Some natural flavored oils include palm oil or ghee. As a matter of fact, you might not need any oil at all when doing some meal types with specific air fryer models.

There Are Healthy Oils Available

One thing for a fact, is that the hot air fryer helps eliminate excess oil from the surfaces of foods as it cooks using rapid air technology. The result is – such meal contains very low content of fats. However, some types of oils are considered healthier than others.

Olive oil for instance, contains a greater percentage of saturated fatty acids. Fatty acids have a lot of health benefits. The same case applies to coconut oil, which has antimicrobial properties, boosts skin health and helps cure hair damage. Sprinkling a bit of these healthy oils on your food before put them into the air fryer basket can be the best practice if you mind your health.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, the following are some good qualities of the best air fryer cooking oil. Oil needs to be stable upon heating, it should not smoke or drip easily. Oil should also be neutrally flavored. This reduces chances of food flavor and taste being affected. And always choose oil with saturated fatty acids. This is a healthier option.

Only a bit of oil is required in air fryer cooking. Extra virgin oil is the oil that satisfies most of these criteria. Thus, it’s the best popular to cook in air fryer. Palm oil, ghee, grapes seed oil, and canola are also great options.

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