Reheating in Convection Oven

There is nothing new about the presence of leftover food in our fridge and refrigerator. And of course, you’ve to reheat it before eating. Now, convection ovens are great at reheating meals, but what about convection ovens?

Can we reheat our food in a convection oven?

Convection ovens can be utilized to reheating foods. Reheat food in a convection oven preserves the taste of the foods. It also keeps the meal healthy and provides an amazing texture to the leftover. Undoubtedly, using a conventional microwave oven is a better and healthier way to reheating foods. But you need to remember some things while reheating your leftovers with a convection oven. And in this post, I’ll teach you all of that. So, keep reading my article.

Reheating in a convection oven


Reheating is the ideal way to decrease food waste. If reheated rightly, you’ll also be able to have the similar taste and almost the similar health advantages from the leftovers as freshly cooked meals. According to USDA, reheated leftovers should at least reach the temp of 165 degrees F to make sure health safety.

Though the most common technique people use to reheat their meal is microwave, it has several side effects. Also, several people don’t have a microwave in their homes. So, the convection oven is a better rescue choice for them.

A convection oven is the kind of appliance that uses warm air circulation from fans to cook or reheat foods. As these are not the same as microwaves, you might find it hard to reheating in a convection oven. So, I’m going to share some tips about reheat leftovers in a convection oven for your help.

Reduce heating time and temperature

The convection oven utilizes a fan for heating purposes. Because of the warm air circulation, there’s a high risk of burning the outside of the leftover. You’ve to remember that convection ovens cook faster than normal ovens. So, it’ll also take less time to reheat in a convection oven without any doubt. For that, Low temp you normally use to reheat your leftover by 25 degrees and shorten the time by 20-30 percent. Ensure you preheat the oven only for a short time.

Check Regularly

As mentioned earlier, convection appliances take less time to cook. To avoid any issues, you’ve to monitor your meal often while reheating them. It is great that you need very little time to reheat your leftover in a convection oven. It can be a drawback too if you fail to check earlier or monitor rightly. At the end of time, who’d to have burnt food? So, be certain to check how and then while reheating in a convection oven.

Use oven-safe containers

You’ve to be careful to use oven dishes in your convection oven. Even if you’re using oven-safe containers, be certain to check the manufacturer to know the temp limit.
Here are some things for you to remember:

– Avoid using everything made of plastic or paper
– You can utilize dishes made of clay, glasses, or ceramics
– You can also utilize aluminum foil pans in a convection oven. But, it’s better to avoid using them if you’ve other oven-safe foods in your home. Because using metal or aluminum pans for reheating purposes can sometimes outcomes in overlay cooked foods.

Do not block the fan

You can only get the best of your convection if you allow the air to circulate rightly. Blocking the fan will prevent the warm air from flowing well over the leftover. And therefore, reduce the effectiveness of the microwave. So, do not cover the top of your oven and utilize dishes that have lower sides for better circulation. Also, ensure to not overcrowd the machine and consider reheating meals in smaller batches.

Avoid reheating leftovers with delicate textures

Convection appliances are best for reheat fried meals. Unlike ovens and microwave ovens, these ovens keep meals crispy and brown. But reheat foods in convection is a bad option for meals that are delicate in texture as well as tend to dry out simply.

Avoid reheating meals like stews, soups, and noodles. Also, do not reheat leftovers that you’d like to stay moist like custards, cakes, or any sort of baked items. Not essentially every food can be reheated perfectly in your convection oven. So, knowing what sort of leftovers to avoid reheating in a convection oven is a must.

Final Thoughts

Reheating in a convection oven is an extremely good ideal and one of the most efficient and a simple method of reheating leftovers is utilizing convection oven appliances. If you’ve a convection oven in your home, then you shouldn’t have to worry about reheating your leftovers. You can get a lot of advantages from using convection oven appliances to reheat foods. And I know you’ll love this procedure of reheating your meals.

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