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Which Meal Can You Prepare In Air Fryer?

Thanks to technology in 21th century, the long war of combating the nutritional issue of “too much oil in your food” seems to have been won by the development of air fryers. While deep fried delicacies are favored by many people, the medical risks surrounding regular consumption of these types of foods especially those obtained from fast food restaurants or cafeterias are just but alarming. Any person concerned of their present and future health condition should desist from taking too much of fats and oils in their diet to reduce the probability of falling victim to such risks as growing overweight, developing heart and vascular problems, high blood sugar and cholesterol, just to name a few.

Which Meal To Prepare With Air Fryer?

An air fryer provides a healthier solution for preparing foods that you would have rather deep fried, took too long to get ready, and used a lot of oil to do so. Using hot circulating air, the air fryer is able to have your food ready within just a few minutes, and you won’t have to use all at all, or you may decide to include a maximum of a tablespoonful. But what kinds of foods can you cook in an air fryer? Here are some ideas below.


Bake You And Your Guests Some Muffins or Cakes – Unbeknownst to many people, the air fryer can also bake. From lasagna, muffins, cakes and bread, you can prepare yourself a quick breakfast from home within minutes if you have the right air frying kitchen appliance. Depending on the brand you go for, some models come along with a baking dish that is non-stick, while for others you may be required to buy the accessories separately.

Roasting Foods in an Air fryer

Roast Veggies On The Air fryer – Greens and vegetables are quite important as far as nutrition is concerned. They are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, which assist to enhance the body’s functions in metabolism, DNA repair, healing, immunity, and much more. Veggies such as kale, spinach, capsicum and cauliflower are some types of vegetables you can cook using your air fryer. Some hot air fryers such as Tefal can come in handy when it comes to frying these types of food. However, such air fryers suitable for vegetables will often come along with a bowl and paddle to assist you make your delicious greens for the table. When done right, they produce a crunchy appearance and can be done within a matter of minutes if not seconds.

Roasted nuts

Well in most cases, roasted nuts such as almonds, cashew, peanuts, and walnuts are considered as things you only have one option when you need them; getting them from the grocery or the mall. Well, the air fryer can be used to make roasted nuts within a matter of less than ten minutes. The advantage about this device is that your nuts come out as super adorable, without getting burned.

Roasting Meats Using The Air fryer

From pork, fish, lamb, mutton, to chicken and other types of meats, the air fryer can handle it. The revolutionary fryers can have your full roasted chicken ready within 30 minutes of cooking at temperatures of about 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Burgers, chops, steaks, and pies can also be done using the appliance on the roasting basket. Most roasted meats come out as crispy, tasty, and delicious and can be easily done within not more than a few minutes.


French Fries – Whenever French fries are mentioned somewhere, most people tend to think about the pool of hot boiling oil as it is with traditional deep frying. However, the case is different with the air fryer. This handy device equipped with rapid air technology cooks your French fries with little or no oil at all. Other fries you can make include samosa, potato chips and more.


Using the air fryer, you can also grill chicken, beef, or mutton. Frozen foods, including the precooked ones can b done on this handy appliance. You can also make you and your family a delicious meal such as the salmon or fish coated with batter.

Do You Need Cooking Experience To Use Air fryer?

There are four major aspects in play when it comes to hot air frying. These include the type of food, its quantity, the heat settings, and the brand or the model of air fryer. Since there are quite a number of variants available in the market, each with its own manufacturer, settings, efficacy and convenience will also matter and so will the sizes. This makes it important to take time and compare the options available carefully before buying going for a specific model. Also, it helps a lot to look for different kinds of recipes online to experiment with to make it more fun as you become more knowledgeable in the kitchen. All in all, most types of foods can be cooked well within less than 30 minutes with just a small amount of oil or none used at all.

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