Paula Deen Air Fryer – Easy To Use, With Recipes

Paula Deen is rated the quietest and largest air fryer currently available in the market. Paula Deen is available in black and red colors with dimensions of 14 x 13 x 15 inches by LxWxH. Paula Deen is Granit Stone infused with a non-stick ceramic and Titanium coating chamber. Paula Deen air fryer has a stainless steel finish.

Key features of Paula Deen Air fryer

Paula Deen air fryer boasts of the following features:


Paula Deen air fryer comes with the user manual, recipe book, tray, rack, and a one-year warranty.

Air Circulation system

Paula Deen air fryer has a rapid air circulation system that is usually powered at 1700 watts. The rapid air circulation system results in faster cooking speeds for different foods. Paula deen air fryer cooks quietly without making any noise while cooking.

Large Size/Capacity

As mentioned, Paula Deen air fryer has a large size of 9.5 qt and has a single basket that makes it possible to cook for a big group of people at once and enjoy the meals simultaneously as a family as a group of friends. The device can prepare food for up to 10 people during one cooking session thanks to its large basket size.

Ease of Cleaning

Paula Deen air fryer is made of ceramic non-stick coating that makes it simple and easy to clean. The basket of the air fryer can be wiped with a piece of cloth. Alternatively, it can be placed in a dish-washing machine since it is dishwasher-safe.


Paula Deen air fryer has 50 of the famous Paula Deen’s recipes that you can follow and be able to make a variety of tasty air fryer-made dishes and surprise your loved ones with. Paula deen air fryer oven produces crispy, crunch, and savory foods that are succulent and juicy with little or no fat; hence it is a healthy cooking option. You can prepare pork, steak, Root vegetables, French Fries, cake, Pizza, etc.


When cooking using a Paula Deen air fryer, you can easily adjust the temperature by turning the control knob. The maximum temperature for this device is 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature guide displayed is 400°F for preparing French fries, Pizza, and meat. 250°F for reheating, 350°F for baking, and 300°F for preparing fish.


The maximum time is 60 minutes by default, and time can be adjusted using the time knob and choose your preferred cooking time.

Preset options

Paula Deen air fryer has programmable preset cooking options for steak, French fries, shrimp, pork chops, Pizza, fish, and chicken.

Auto shut-off

Paula Deen air fryer has a built-in timer, and the device will automatically shut off when it has counted and reached zero. Alternatively, you can switch off the device manually by turning the timer knob counterclockwise to zero.

Rotisserie and Dehydrate functions

Paula Deen does not only perform air frying tasks but also has a special rotisserie and dehydrate functions. You can use the oven to roast a whole kitchen up to 2kgs. If you want to dehydrate fruits, meat, vegetables, etc., the Paula Deen air fryer will be of excellent service.

Easy To Use

Paula Deen’s air fryer is so simple and easy to use. You first place the food in the air fryer, set the temperature and the timer for the food you want to prepare, and you are ready to go.

Before the first time use of Paula Deen air fryer, you should first remove all the packaging, labels, and stickers from the appliance, including a piece of cardboard between the pan and the basket. The pan and the basket should be thoroughly cleaned with hot water and dish-washing liquid using a non-abrasive sponge and the outside of the devices wiped with a cloth piece.

Using Paula Deen air fryer

While ready to use Paula Deen air fryer, make sure the device is placed on a stable, horizontal surface. First, to use the appliance, remove the pan and the basket from the air fryer, put your ingredients in the basket, and not overfill the basket since overfilling will affect the food quality. Slid back the pan and the basket into the air fryer ( the pan and the basket should ALWAYS be used together and never at a point used separately while using the air fryer for cooking). To begin the cooking process, set the temperature and time, the green and the red lights will go on, and the cooking process begins.

Clean and Store the appliance after use

Unplug the device’s cord and store it after checking that all the appliance parts are clean and dry.


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