Ninja sp101 vs sp100 Air Fryer Comparison

Ninja SP100 vs SP101 Air Fryer Comparison – Review And Buying Guide

Are you confuse about buying Ninja FOODI SP100 or FOODI SP101 Air Fryer? Ninja is a top brand Kitchen appliances manufacturing. Both of these models are potent and had ability to cook every type of food.
Is there any difference between them? Which air fryer should you purchase? Now we find the proper answer. After a lot of research, we find out their demerits and merits. Our full comparison between Ninja SP100 vs. SP101 Air Fryer models helps you select the best option for your kitchen.

Ninja SP100 vs. SP101 Air Fryer – Main Similarities

Ninja SP100 and SP101 Air Fryers fold up when not in use, it is an innovative function that’s not offered by other air fryer manufacturers (this is why I was highly impressed). It is an ingenious way to save some room in your already cramped kitchen!!

Cooking Modes

The Ninja SP100 and SP101 Air Fryer do in fact share similar cooking modes, as you can see above, that is:
Air Roast – You can get similar cooking outcomes as a conventional oven with this mode, except with cooking foods around 30 to 40 percent faster at a lower temp than a traditional oven.
Air Fry – The usual air fryer cooking technique that’ll cook your food using circulating warm air flow.
Bake – if you love the idea of making pies or cakes in your Ninja air fryer, this is cooking mode for you.
Air Broil – known as grilling oven in some parts of the world, this cooking method will use the top set of warming elements to brown your meal from the upper section of the cooking compartment.
Toast – Same to grilling or boiling, but a mode specifically made to toast bread.
Bagel – Will toast bagels without burning the top by utilizing a little less heat in that area than the toast feature below.


The form factor of the Ninja air fryer oven is extremely unique, going for a flatter but very deeper footprint that means you can remain to cook a complete pizza in there! This form factor also helps the folding feature mentioned before. Yes, you’ll notice the dimensions in our table are slightly different. But, I think that Ninja air fryers are trailing us here, as inch by inch you’d struggle to find any major difference in size among these 2 models.


Both the Ninja SP100 and SP101 Air Fryer are quoted as being rated at 1800W. Pretty normal for a good air fryer oven.

Design and Look

I think one of the main reasons that users simply mix up both air fryer models are the fact that side by side these air fryers look almost the same. It hard to find any major change in the design. They both have stainless steel finish and use a very same-looking layout as well as a control panel. I wish that Ninja had utilized different materials for each variant so they’d really stand out from each other.


Once again I think Ninja is trolling us with a little different in weight quoted in their Amazon Listings! 0.3 pounds is less anyway, that it does not make a huge difference either.

Ninja SP100 and SP101 Air Fryer – Main Differences

Dehydrate Option

In functionality consideration, both variants are about to same. But the latest variant Ninja SP101 Air fryer has a dehydrated function. Whereas the Ninja SP100 model does not support this feature. It’s a very small difference, but do you like these features? If not like, can select Ninja SP100 Air Fryer Model.

Price Difference

When we see their price tags, we’re a little confused. Both variants are similar in a different angle, but their price tag is far different. The Ninja SP101 air fryer is a little high than the Ninja SP100 model.

The winner in this comparison is Ninja SP101!

Why buy a Ninja SP101 air fryer?

Ninja is a well-known brand in the kitchen appliance world. They produce different kitchen appliances, which have a great review and experience. Several people ask, why do you love the Ninja brand?
I ask why not Ninja brand. They’ve various appliances and have fine customer support. I personally fan of this company appliance. I also try another manufacturer air fryer. But Ninja has long-lasting support. But it not means that other companies are not good.

But only 1 thing you have to consider is that the air fryer oven has a fine air outflow van. If you need dehydrate function, you should make sure the air fryer has great ventilation. I wonder that why Ninja provides different dehydrate functions? What do you think about that? Let us know below!


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