Most Common Air Fryer Issues And Problems

Most Common Air Fryer Problems and Issues in 2021

An air fryer is a modern version of a conventional oil fryer that deliver amazing frying outcome with minimal use of fat or oil. The cooking procedure of an air fryer is quite the same as an outdoor chicken fryer but both are very different by nature.
Though, sometimes you might encounter some problems and issues with your air fryer. Right below this part, we’re going to list the most common air fryer problems and issues and their solutions.

Old Food Smell

Old food smell is one of the most common issues that some users usually face with their air fryer machine. It has occurred when you are not cleaning the air fryer rightly.
As the source of this issue is not cleaning the air fryer rightly, you can eliminate it with the right cleaning. Ensure you have washed the air fryer thoroughly so that whole the lingering food smells clean out with your washing.

Power Issue

Air fryer power problem is very common that most encounter by the air fryer consumer. You might face this issue in 2 different ways. First, the air fryer power does not come at all. And the 2nd, the power suddenly goes out while you are still frying.
If the air fryer has a power problem, the primary thing you’ve to do is to check the power cord. Ensure the cord is linked rightly. If the wire is not connected rightly, unplug and reconnect it. After reconnecting the plug, if the issue still exists, possibly there’s an issue with the circuit breaker. It might get blown and you have to change it if gets blown.
If the power cord is tightly connected and the circuit breaker is also fine then it is time to check the air fryer timer. Because sometimes power does not come back if the timer is set in mid of the cooking session. Stop air fryer timer will resolve the issue.

Overcooking or burning Food

Overcooking or burning food is a very common issue for new air fryers. This occurs often with those consumers who try to cook oven meals in the air fryer.
The great thing you do to prevent this issue is to check your meal regularly. By doing this frequently, you can ensure that the food is not burned or overcooked. This is essential only when you try a new dish and do not have any experience with the right cooking time. With the time being, you’ll get utilized to that and learned about the appropriate time of food cooking.

Smoking Issue

Considering all the air fryer problems and issues this one is the worst. Some people started to dislike the air fryer technique just because of this. This issue arises when there’s excess oil remain below your air fryer.
As this issue arises from the excess oil remain, sucking up the oil will remove this issue. To eliminate access to oil you can utilize anything that’s able to consume all the oil. For instance, you can utilize a slice of bread. Clean the bottom of your air fryer with water to eliminate the oil. If you above step is unable to solve the issue, then you have to place the air fryer under an extractor bin. I am sure, this’ll help you to remove this issue.

Food is all over inside

Pumping warm air inside your air fryer is the general procedure of cooking on an air fryer. Regularly pumped hot air puts pressure on your food. If food is light and thin it flies inside and blocks the heating components of warm air.
You can’t stop the flying air but the main thing you can do is utilizing something to avoid your food from flying inside your air fryer. With the 2 simple methods, you can do this. The 1st method is using a 2nd wire rack over the foot holder or the 1st wire rack to hold the food down.
And the 2nd method is to pin the food using toothpicks. Do not count this issue as a simple problem, while the flying food could cause a harmful problem with your heating element.

White Smoke Issue

Sometimes you might notice that the air fryer is producing while smoke. Mostly, they’re a stream of the food that you are cooking. But sometimes it’d be real smoke reasoned by internal machinery issues.
As we have said in most times food steams are look like white smoke. This normally occurs when you cooking fatty or moist food. In both cases, the vaporized air looks like this. By smelling it, you can simply identify that if it is white smoke or food steam. If the smell is off your cooking meal then it’s steam and if the odor feels like fire then there is something wrong inside Unplug immediately and take it to the repair store to fix the issue.

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