Is Cooking With Air Fryers Healthy

Is Cooking With Air Fryers As Healthy As People Think?

Air fryers are getting more and more popular from year to year. You can make your favorite dish with an air fryer without much oil. That’s the best advantage of this small but very useful countertop appliance. You can prepare crispy french fries or tasty fried chicken, or even a pizza. But, are air fryers as healthy as you think? We’ll try to answer this question.

Is Cooking With Air Fryer Healthy?

We all know that using too much oil when preparing food can lead to some health issues like type 2 diabetes or some form of heart disease. When air fryers entered the market, their premise was to prepare delicious food without oil. French fries made with air fryer are definitely better option than regular french fries. It is a good idea to cut fat from your diet as much as you can, but not totally because your body definitely needs fat to function properly.

How Air Fryers Work?

Air fryers come in various different shapes. Most of them are shaped as egg or square. You just put the food you want to prepare in the basket, add some spices, maybe just a bit of oil, and air fryer does the rest. Food is prepared with hot circulating air. Every model of air fryer has an option to setup time and temperature. Different types of meal need different time and temperature for preparation. Use an instruction if you are not sure how much you need to cook meat, fish or fries.

Is This Food Healthier?

Generally, because you use less oil, food prepared in air fryer is healthier because it contains less calories from fat. If you are on the diet, preparing food in an air fryer is a good idea. Also, by using circulating air, air fryer eliminates other bad effects of frying. Besides low fat usage, air fryer has other benefits. You can cook frozen foods quickly, without mess. It saves you time and power consumption.

Air fryers are great if your goal is to lose weight. For example, if you prepare fried chicken thigh in a traditional way, it has around two hundred and fifty calories, maybe even more. But, when prepared with air fryer, it has only one hundred and forty calories because you use less fat. This doesn’t look like small amount of calories, but you must understand that’s only for one meal. If you prepare food with air fryer every day, for that one meal only, you can cut almost seven hundred calories in a week!

But, air fryers also have some downsides. According to the studies, if you cook food on really high temperature, it destroys some nutrients and that’s not good. Air fryer uses temperature up to 450 degrees. It’s better to use recipes with medium temperatures in order to keep nutrients as they are.

Is Food Made With Air Fryer Tasty?

It sure is, but that also depends how you spice your food before air frying it. If you don’t add spices, such as parsley or garlic, food can be without taste. Make sure you add salt, pepper and other special ingredients to make food more interesting and tasty.

You style of cooking is also very important. Don’t put too much food in the basket because heat may distribute unevenly and you definitely want to avoid that. If you follow instructions, your air fryer is definitely healthier alternative than deep fried cooking.

Final Thoughts

Air fryers are appliance for your kitchen that cook food with combination of heat and air circulation. It offers you a way to cook your lunch or dinner a bit healthier than traditional cooking. If you want to cut some calories from your diet, air fryer is the way to go. Overall, cooking with air fryers is healthier than deep frying, it has more benefits than downsides.

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