How Oilless Fryer Works

How Does an Oil-Less Fryer Work?

Oils are essential components of nutrition but science will tell you that having some types of fats in excess through the food you take, or taking too much of the oil will give you trips to the doctor. But can you promise yourself to absolutely stay away from your tasty potato chips, French fries and fried chicken? While only a handful who’ll read this will probably give yes for an answer, chance are that more than 80% will say no to that.

Well, the truth is that decisions regarding diet are not easy to everyone, but no one should worry any more if they have an Oilless Fryer in their kitchen. So what are these oilless fryers and how do they work? Below are some pointers to answer these questions, just so you know what you might be missing if you don’t have one at home.

How to Choose the Best Low Fat Fryer

There are some key elements to look at when choosing an air fryer from several available options. These include the following.

1. Specifications And Available Settings –Different brands of low fat air fryers have different temperature limits, buttons for settings input, features such as automatic shut, and pre-installed cooking settings and such other differences. These are key things to look at to ensure you get the convenience you look for, since you know your recipes better.

2. Rotation Mechanism – For even heat distribution through circulating hot air, some low fat fryer models are equipped with a permanent or removable rotating paddle, which moves the food around to achieve even cooking. However, some models lack this feature altogether. Airfryers such as Phillips may require you to turn the food around by shaking as it cooks; which you may either find cumbersome or convenient depending on your preferences when cooking. It can be helpful to look for best low fat fryer reviews online to determine the one that matches your expected standards.

3. Energy and Wattage – As much as you might want to dwell on the price of purchase, do not forget to consider the energy efficiency of the device before you purchase one. You do not want to be billed with alarming rates in utility bills at the end of the month. Look for an appropriate wattage, perhaps the standard 800-1400 used by most air frying machines.

4. Appliance Size – The item size is also of great importance, since the best appliance for your case is one that will fit on your kitchen counter without claiming too much space. It should not have you in a squeezed position whenever you use it for your cooking.

5. Basket Capacity – Another factor to keenly look at when finding the best fryer for you is how much the fryer basket can accommodate at a go. This is because air fryers or low fat fryers use hot air to cook your food and this air should be able to evenly circulate through so that the various surfaces are exposed to the heat for even cooking. These appliances are available in various pan sizes, the most common options being 1KG and 1.5 Kg. However, a halogen oven may be more convenient for a home with a larger family. Halogen ovens cook in the same manner as low fat fryers as they can cook French fries with just a small amount of oil or none at all.

Our Recommendations

You may want to look at reviews for the following appliances, which are some of the best low fat fryer options in the market according to performance, popularity; brand reputation and resilience include the following.

• Philips Airfryer

• Breville VDF105 Halo Health Fryer

• Tefal Actifry Low Fat Electric Fryer

• VonShef Turbo Air Fryer

With the above points in mind, a little consultation and comparative research, and proper selection of your market source, you can say that you already have the best low fat fryer waiting for your collection.

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