Emeril Power Air Fryer 360 Review

In this article, we present you Emeril air fryer review! This is Power 360 model with lots of functions and features, you won’t be disappointed.

Firstly, I think calling Emeril air fryer an “air fryer” is unfair since it does more than just being an “air fryer” Emeril air fryer 360 is a great replacement for the traditional countertop convection oven. Emeril air fryer will allow you to remove other appliances in your kitchen as it is multi-functional therefore saving on kitchen space. Having an Emeril air fryer in your kitchen is like having Chef Emeril in your kitchen because of its Performance.

Specifications of Emeril air fryer 360 review

Emeril air fryer 360 has a brushed stainless-steel color and available in standard and XL family sizes. The standard size is 15.1″ x 19.3″ x 10.4″ while the XL size is 15.6″ x 19.7″ x 13″ The cooking temperature for Emeril air fryer is wide up to 400F, which means you can comfortably cook your rotisserie chicken. The air fryer’s wattage is 1500 watts, and your kitchen design should be able to support this wattage.

What do you find in the box?

When you purchase a new Emeril air fryer, you will find Emeril air fryer review 360, Warranty, Start guide, Rotisserie, Crisper tray, Drip tray, Rack, and Chef Emeril Recipe.

Design of Emeril air fryer review 360

Emeril air fryer is shaped like the traditional toaster oven, large and heavy. If you are used to the standard air fryers, you will find Emeril air fryer big. As mentioned, Emeril air fryer performs several functions in the kitchen and not just an ” air fryer” perhaps this explains its big size.

Emeril air fryer looks classy and modern, with all instructions indicated.

Functions of Emeril air fryer review 360

Emeril air fryer review 360 is an intuitive and user-friendly device. Navigating, through its functions, is easy even for a novice. The strength of the Emeril air fryer lies in it being a multi-functional device.

Emeril air fryer review preset has 12 preset cooking functions that allow you to cook your favorite food with your preferred cooking method. The 12-presets are bake, broil, bagel, rotisserie, dehydrate, reheat, roast, pizza, slow cook, air fry, Toast, and warm.

Performance of Emeril

Performance of an air fryer is very important. To test the performance of an Emeril air fryer 360 many users bake bread, and according to them, it was perfectly done. Also, rotisserie chicken and French fries came out as expected and the taste was great. What stood out was the flavor and the crispness of the chicken, it was crispier just like a deep-fried one, yet I had not used fat. Emeril air fryer is one of those air fryers that use little or no oil at all when cooking.


Emeril air fryer review 360 has an LCD with 12 presets as mentioned, allowing you to have various cooking methods for your favorite food with one click away.


Emeril air fryer 360 as the name suggests, uses 360 air crisp technology that allows you to cook meals using hot air that is superheated and uses no fat. This means you don’t need to worry about calories, especially when you are on a diet. The air flows in the unit at 360 degrees, and the superheated air makes food to cook faster and results in crispier foods just like deep-fried ones. Emeril air fryer 360 has five heating elements that allow food to cook faster from all sides as heat is distributed evenly in the entire unit.

Ease of Cleaning

The manufacturer recommends that you first clean the accessories of the Emeril air fryer before using them. Most of the components of Emeril air fryer are made of stainless steel which means they can be cleaned in a dishwasher hence saving you a lot of time.

How To Use And Operate Emeril Power Air Fryer 360

As mentioned, the Emeril air fryer is an intuitive device that is easy to operate. Below is a guide of the controls or settings:

LCD and Control panel

The LCD and control panel displays both blue and red colors but not simultaneously. The blue color is displayed when the Emeril air fryer is ready for programming. When the cooking process begins, the LCD turns red, and when the cooking process is finished, the LCD turns back to blue.

Darkness/Temperature control knob

The knob allows you to adjust the temperature or darkness by simply turning the knob to the left or the right.

Time/slices control knob

It allows you to select the number of slices being toasted as well as overriding the preset time.

Program selection knob

It allows you to navigate or scroll the 12-preset programs and select your desired program, i.e., air-fry, Toast, bagel, pizza, rotisserie, bake, slow cook, warm, reheat, dehydrate, roast, and broil.

Air fry button

By pushing the air fry button, you can air fry your favorite food with little or no oil at all.

Start/Pause button

To begin the cooking process, you need to use the “Start” button. You can pause the cooking process using the “Pause” button.

Light button

The light button turns the unit’s interior lighting on or off, and it can be activated or deactivated when cooking is in progress at any time.

Fahrenheit/Celsius button

It allows you to choose or adjust your temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Cancel button

The cancel button will cancel the cooking process and pressing the cancel three times will turn off the LCD.

The controls of Emeril air fryer 360 are simple and do not require you to read a manual to operate.


We hope that we gave you some good starting point when it comes to Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360 Review. You can compare pros and cons, check out latest information about the price and buyers’ reviews and you can make final decision on your own.

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